There’s a New Way to CPA in Las Vegas

The landscape of business is changing. Unfortunately, the CPA industry is falling behind.

Las Vegas is the pinnacle of the service-based industry, which only makes sense that we extend that same award-winning service to our clients.

Our “People over Profits” culture embodies the Vegas ethos. Where our client relationships and their success are the most important to us, anything else is just a bonus.

We truly believe the solid relationships with our clients and our community is and will continue to be the foundation to our success, and ultimately our clients.

Meet Our Team

Marc Dupras Las Vegas CPA

Marc A Dupras CPA is a life long resident of Las Vegas. He is a Certified Public Accountant with 15 years of public accounting experience. Mr. Dupras received his Bachelors of Science Degree in Accounting from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

The entrepreneurial and business friendly climate of Las Vegas has enabled Mr. Dupras to specialize in working closely with privately held business owners and assisting them with developing and growing their companies.

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The most reliable professional I use. Marc and his team understand my business because they take time to understand me. I would only ever here from or see my CPA once, twice a year…maybe. But Marc and staff reach out consistently – and I can turn to them at the drop of a dime without worrying about nickel & dime charges for every time I pick up the phone or fire off an email.
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