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About Las Vegas Accounting Services

Accounting is the language of business. Let the Dupras Group be your Rosetta Stone to translate your information into usable data to help with valuable decision making that will maintain your business as a going concern and help you achieve your financial freedom.

In addition, a sound Accounting system will have effective internal controls that can detect errors and fraud and ensure accuracy and reliability.

Our ‘New Way 2 CPA’ approach has proven to relieve the stress from our clients and allows them to continue growing their company.

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    Accounting Services

    Why a Small Business Owner Needs Accounting Services

    Accounting matters for your small business in many ways, and you will need to incorporate it into your business undertakings. But, we understand you didn’t start your business to do accounting. We recommend hiring an experienced accountant to help you with this. Here are some reasons why you should hunt for the best accounting services:

    • Helping you plan for the growth of your business and set goals to guide you in your endeavors.
    • Providing aid in securing a loan as most banks will need accurate financial statements.
    • Helping you get paid for the services and products you offer.
    • Assisting you during tax time to make sure you receive the best possible outcome.
    • Providing valuable data on profit centers, expense management, buy/sell agreements, and expansion decisions.
    • Internal controls
      • Prevent fraud
      • Control risk
      • Proactively identify financial issues
      • Protect resources (both tangible and intangible) from theft and waste
      • Operate efficiently
      • Comply with applicable laws and regulations

    We relieve the stress of accounting for busy business owners and individuals.

    Finanical Statement Preparation

    Preparing a financial statement is not an easy undertaking. It is a lengthy process and involves combining accounting information into a uniform and comprehensive set of financials, as well as distributing to all necessary parties. At The Dupras Group, our experienced staff is more than capable of handling this process from start to finish.

    Business Loan Assistance

    Applying for a business loan is not as easy as applying for a personal loan. For a small business loan, it’s important to have as much leverage as possible to ensure your loan is approved. Our team is more than capable of assisting you through the application process through qualification, quantification, and presentation.

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    Litigation Support

    During litigation, it’s important to have an experienced team assisting you throughout all phases of the dispute. Our team is capable of advising you throughout the process of calculating damages, as well as preparation for any tax issues. We can assist with case assessment, strategy sessions, discovery, and any tax analysis.

    Working With The Dupras Group

    Coach. Plan. Advise.

    A New Way 2 CPA is not a campaign its a Lifestyle. Our clients are the priority. We strive to continually earn the right to become their most trusted advisor.

    Coach, Plan, Advise is a client-driven business model that builds the relationship. And with over 15 years of experience and leveraging modern technology, you will get the best results when you #justduprasit.

    “Extremely professional, the experience at the Dupras group is second to none. They work harder than any CPA team you’ll ever employ for all your accounting needs. ”

    Rich Vanlandingham

    “ Marc brings to the table the knowledge, charisma, and resources necessary for me to be successful and I am eternally grateful. He is willing to take on the most difficult challenges while remaining fun, calm, and professional.”

    Kelly Slaughter

    “Great group, very responsive. I’d be proud to recommend them for any financial help or advice.”

    Bobby French

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